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Top 5 Best Racing Games on Steam

If you are a fan of fast racing games you can find a fine collection on Steam. There are different racing games available and we selected 5 most popular racing games that will put you in a role of a Pablo Montoya or Michael Schumacher! Let’s start the race!

Project CARS – a virtual racing perfection!

Project Cars steam

A project CARS is game made my 800.000 fans and real racing drivers, so it offers ultra-realistic details. We may say that it is next generation of racing simulators with huge variety of tracks, cars, options and so on, offering probably the best mix of cars and tracks in one racing simulation game. This game is all about real racing, there are no sci-fi elements; you will get a real car with real tracks! It offers ultra-realistic physics, but we are recommending use of a wheel for ultimate realism. – Physics Engine Masterpiece

Beam NG Drive on Steam

This racing game puts emphasis on dynamic behavior or in other words you will have a feeling that you are really driving a real car. It is done by implementing sophisticated soft-body physics engine that is able to simulate actions and reactions in a real time that result in astonishing realism of the game. However, this is not a game for competitive style gamers, at least not yet, but it is definitely racing game that you would like to play.

Valentino Rossi – A Perfect Moto Racing Game

valentino rossi the game

If you are a fan of motto racing games, look no further – Valentino Rossi is a perfect game in a genre, It offers ultra-realistic simulation with hundreds maps, landscapes and championships. It is more realistic then previous Moto GP games, for example the accelerating out of the corner feels much better and entire atmosphere in the game is really impressive. The graphics are much improved and the handling feels a lot better. We have no doubt that this is the best motto racing simulation so far!

iRacing – A NASCAR simulator

iRacing steam game

If you are a NASCAR fan, iRacing is a perfect racing game that you can find on Steam as it offers virtually every NASCAR track with the most realistic physics of any NASCAR game. It is the ultimate game for hardcore racing fans, but additional content is quite expensive. Luckily, you do not have to worry about that, with steam wallet code generator you can get all cars and unlock all track without a problem!

Welcome to the Los Santos, again

welcome to los santos again

Grand Theft Auto V or simply GTA V is not a classic race game, but it has all elements of such game – cars, speed, and adrenaline rush, therefore we place it under this section. You are in a role of a young criminal finding its way to wealth and fame in vast and dangerous world of Los Santos. You have tons of different customization options in a game, from anti-aliasing, shades and texture quality, so you will be able to adjust it so your platform. Even it is not especially racing game, GTA V is really amazing, therefore get some free Steam wallet codes and jump into dangerous world of Los Santos!